What is a telecom agent?


A telecom agent is a broker that can sell the services of many different phone and internet carriers, in this case over 80.

Do I pay a higher price if I use an agent?

Agents get the same (or sometimes lower) pricing, discounts and promotions as going to the carrier directly.  

How much do you charge?

When buying services, you don't pay anything to the agent as they are compensated by whichever carrier you choose.

Am I still allowed to communicate with the carrier?

Yes. Your contract, repair assistance, and invoicing are all done through the carrier directly.

How exactly does it work?

One phone call is made to discuss what is working well with the network and what you'd like to change.  We then request quotes from multiple carriers and present them, explaining the pros and cons of each option.  You get to choose which option you like best and give the ok to move forward. Up to Speed Telecom then helps manage the install process, audits the first invoice, and assists with any repair issues.

Why doesn't everyone use an agent instead of going straight to the many different carriers?


Most customers say they simply didn't know agents existed.  Once they try it, they never go back.


"This was a potentially explosive situation.  Authorizing credit cards is a very critical part of our business.  You are doing a fantastic job in defusing the situation and putting me at ease.  I now have high confidence that I am working with a genuine person who really cares about their customers and knows how to take care of business."


                                                                                        ~David S.

“Jenna is a person of the highest integrity. In a world where great service is hard to find, Jenna is a rare departure. She loves her customers and they love her.  Anyone who does business with Jenna can feel comfortable that they have put their business in the right hands.”

                                         ~Mike Boland                                                                                              TelAdvocate Communications

What could happen if you choose the wrong vendor?  

  • Lost revenue for the company

  • Lose your job

  • Add unnecessary expenses to the bottom line




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